About LAVO

>About LAVO

Brand Introduction


Lavo Smart Home provides systematic devices and application which integrates your home devices such as Smart locks, Smart vedio camera and electrical products. You can monitor your home real time information from all the devices. Controlling the security status and the quality of the environment no matter where you at, simply by swiping your smart phone.

You may also customize several scenarios and control by single button press such as back home, leave home, receive visitors, theater and get up from the bed. Leading yours to a low-carbon, more safety and more convenient all-new smart household life. 

LOVO provide Zigbee/Bluetooth 2.4G wireless linkage arrangement, function as following:
Central Control System / Support WIFI/Zigbee connect APP in personal devices to the remote control. 
Lighting Management / Smart Light Switch, LED light, Bunding Switch, Multi-button switch, and Dimmer switch.
Electrical appliance Management / Curtain, Smart Outlet, Air Conditioner, Television, Heater, Electric Water Heater, and Garage door.    
Security Protection / Smart Lock, Door Window Magnetic Sensor, Human Detection, Gas Detection, Fire Detection, Smart Gate, and Water Leak Detection.
Access Control / Door Bell, CCTV, and Smart Lock.
Environment Control / Air quality, ambient light, Humidity, and Water Flow.
General Service / Emergency Help, Power Failure Alarm, and Emergency Light.
Scene Control / You may customize 6 different kinds of scenes and control by one button.